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To connect to the groups with whom we are involved.

To respond to the needs of the specific market of reference.

To protect our employees in the workplace.

To produce wealth for ourselves and others.

On time and quality of work are our goals.

These are the Acquaverde Costruzioni objectives. More specifically, we are committed to dialoguing with the public administrations to develop infrastructures and services of public interest.

With this mission, we continually train our staff, ensure their professional growth and make our whole organisation available to yielding the best results possible, without ever forgetting the constant updating of machinery in order to guarantee not only an excellent result, but also the physical protection of production staff, in compliance with the law.

Acquaverde Costruzioni s.r.l. releases a ten-year insurance warranty protecting total quality of works developed.

With a view to medium and long-term planning, Acquaverde has the following objectives:

  • To adopt world level avant-garde construction techniques
  • To compare notes with the market, maintaining and even improving our reputation
  • To become a point of reference, not only for the public administration
  • To specialise in large-scale works
  • To diversify in order to better face up to the market and share risks
  • To improve and consolidate organisational skills
  • To grow in national and international relations

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Green Building Council Italia
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